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What is Incubus

Incubus aims to be a reasonable free CASE tool for data modeling and some other tasks related to the conception of a database. Incubus also dreams to be an universal data modeling tool, but this "concept" is not even mature.

Incubus is Free Software? and there is no reason for it to be another closed, commercial, competitive CASE tool. In other words, we are not doing Incubus to compete with another similar tool. We just want to make the best data modeling CASE tool as possible.

The real meaning of existence of Incubus is just to fill the gap of a reasonable free modeling tool. Although, it still can used for developing commercial software or as teaching tool in the academic world. In fact, it can be used for any purpose. Read the license? for more details.

Note: At the present time, although there are some implementation code, Incubus is still in under conception. We think that the conception of a tool like Incubus should be debated and discussed with the community, including knowledge domain experts.


There are several motivations for creating a tool like Incubus, but we can highlight some
  • There is no really usable and complete enough, free data modeling tool
  • Even in the commercial domain, data modeling tools have many conceptual flaws (not bugs)
  • It could be used for teaching database modeling
  • It could be used for developing free software
  • Due to its flexibility and extensibility, it could be used to model new types models
  • ...


Funcitonal features

  • Database project centered tool
  • Diagram oriented schemas
  • Foward/Reverse engineering from Conceptual to Logical and Physical models
  • Inter-model bindings
  • Data dictionary integration
  • Automatic documentation generation from dictionary
  • Picture exporting
  • Model printing
  • ... (add more functionalities)

Non-functional aspects

  • Powerfull Power in serveral meanings:
    • Power of expression of your ideas
    • Power of integration within internal tools and models, and with external tools (with plugins)
    • Power of automation of tedious and repeted tasks
    • Power of customization to anyone needs
  • Genericity It can be used for several needs and the by the most different audiences
  • Easy to use Easiness to the user when it is possible and sensible
  • Extensibility It should be easy to extends the functionalities of many features like the import/export plugins
  • International It should be easy translatable to the most languages as possible. This is assured by the Qt framework.

Anti-Features (What Incubus is not meant to be)

  • Incubus is not a commercial product (it is not meant to make money)
  • It does not compete with any other tool (it exists just to help people)
  • Is not a clone of any other tool (it can be inspired in some tools, but never meant to be a doppelganger software)
  • ... (any other stupid thing)

-- EricJardim - 26 Nov 2004

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