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Welcome to the home of the Incubus project. This site concentrates all content and data concerning the development of the Incubus data modeler application.

This is also a colaborative content site, also known as a Wiki site. This means that any (registered) person can contribute with the content of the site.

If you want to know more about Incubus, you should read the intro section

If you already know Incubus and want to help its conception, you should join us!

Recent news

bubbles.png 2007-02-09 13:05 - Incubus Rebirth

It is a new time for Incubus. Many time have passed and many ideas arrived. A lot of things that were not so clear are now much more clear. The technological moment is also good with the current mature of Python and Qt4.

It will begin with a "clean up" of the site, then we will start to release some software. I expect that it would possible to do fast releases. -- EricJardim

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Warning: Can't find topic TWiki.WebSiteTools

-- EricJardim - 27 Nov 2004

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