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The People Behind KDE

A project as large and diverse as KDE doesn't happen by magic. Thousands of people have contributed code, bug fixes, documentation, money, hardware, support, and everything else that has helped KDE be where it is now. This page is a stepping point to learning more about these people.

The People Behind KDE

This is a regular series featuring interviews with people working on KDE. This series is a good way to see what makes KDE people tick as well as see just how diverse they are.

Individual Credits

This page attempts to list everybody that has contributed to KDE in any way. It's far from complete so far, but it's a good start. If you have made a contribution, feel free to ask to be added.

Developer's Gallery

This page has a bunch of pictures of KDE developers. Many of the top developers are a bit camera shy so only a few are there. That said, if you ever wanted to know what a KDE developer looks like, check this page out.

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